Mindfulness Matters:
for everyone

Joe DiNardo’s second book, Mindfulness Matters: for everyone, is a concise yet comprehensive book that weaves practical advice with an engaging and candid narrative. Ultimately, it makes the case that mindfulness is not only an essential tool for living a meaningful life, but that it’s also accessible to everyone and can support every lifestyle. Whether readers are curious about mindfulness, know absolutely nothing about it, or meditate every day, this book serves as an entry point for deeper exploration. True to its title, it is for everyone.

As Joe explores pivotal moments from his life and career, including his experience as a trial lawyer, his brain tumor diagnosis, and the death of his beloved wife, he illuminates the integral role that mindfulness has played in his own story. In addition, he also presents the mindfulness exercises he does, delivering them step-by-step so that readers of all experience levels can follow along. These exercises are ones that readers can do anytime--on the way into a tense meeting, driving home from work, while exercising, or even while flipping the pages of his book.

Mindfulness Matters: for everyone is a book that belongs close at hand. It is especially valuable for those who are seeking ways to decompress, find more happiness, discover the benefits of looking inward, and practice kindness. Relying on his own ability to relate deeply to others, Joe has written a book that is as compelling and wise as it is useful and approachable.

Little but mighty, this book will inspire readers to push away their doubts, take a seat, and approach mindfulness with openness and curiosity.